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No games. We keep it transparent & simple. This grid captures ALL revenues, including recurring investment management revenue, mortgages & lending products.
Segregated funds and annuities are paid at a flat 80% and individual life insurance sales are paid at FYC + bonus/override rate of 160%.

Book size

$0 - $10M
$10M - $25M
$25M - $50M
$50M - $100M
$100M - $200M

 payout grid


no sales grid

We do not modify (increase or reduce) compensation to advisors based on sales targets, ever. The AUA-based grid ensures compensation rises, as the size of the book grows, to motivate growth and provide resources to deliver world-class service to clients.

perks & benefits

NOW provides a well-rounded benefits plan for employees and advisors alike. While advisors carry this cost, it offers independence while enjoying the scale/volume of being part of a larger group. NOW also offers all advisors a default $1,000 annual HCSA allocation.

continuing education

We provide advisors financial support in their professional development, including custom solutions to help motivate and complete relevant designations (CFP, CLU, RFP, etc.).

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