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avoid Regulatory pergatory

licensing & compliance

How the co-servicing / shared services model works
Drop your MFDA/IIROC licence

By doing so, you remove regulatory obligations and eliminate 99% of existing conflicts of interest in the financial industry. You also reduce risk and shift performance burden to a 3rd party that is more capable and responsible to the client.

Outsource investment management & compliance

Introduce your clients to a licensed, experienced and credentialed Portfolio Manager who will advise them with their best interests in mind (fiduciary duty). The PM becomes a vital partner in the delivery of service to your clients.

Focus 100% on the Financial Plan and your client's needs

If you feel your value as an advisor is in picking funds and playing the market our model is not for you. For all serious planners, we empower you to invest all of your time in financial planning and building enduring relationships with your clients.