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the story of now

We give advisors their freedom.

We give clients choice.

There were three major motivators in the creation of Canada's most client-centric financial advisory model:

  • REDUCING Client Fees

    We believe ALL clients deserve solid investment performance, access to professional portfolio management, and a strong bond with their dedicated Financial Advisor -- all at one low price.

    Since our launch in 2020, we have saved our clients well over $2 MILLION in investment fees.

  • Increasing advisor income

    Advisors everywhere are getting paid less to do more. Sales grids erode compensation, create toxic workplaces, and skew advisor behaviour. Conflicts of interest abound. The solution? Pay advisors fairly, and eliminate the sales production  grid.

  • eliminating compliance fatigue

    Regulatory oversight has made every day business and client activity a bureaucratic burden.  Implementing advice into a product or strategy has become a chore rather than a pleasure. Our advisors drop their mutual fund license, and outsource investment recommendations to a licensed Portfolio Manager with a CFA/CIM designation.