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A different model means a different approach

practice management

With investment management - and the regulatory bureaucracy gone - your practice can run 10x more efficiently, reducing staffing requirements and shifting your focus from administration to client service, sales and business growth.

Lower overhead

Most advisory practices mired in compliance hell have staff just to administer trades and complete paperwork. With this off your plate, your staffing needs shift dramatically. Drop unwanted overhead, or re-align their tasks with a new vision focused on client service and client acquisition.

Re-alignment of Priorities

After the transition, advisors can find themselves with a LOT  more time on their hands. This also applies to staff. Keeping good people around is a priority, then so to is preparing them for a future of value-added work rather than busywork. What would YOU want your team to focus on? 

Growth Orientation

A practice built for growth is one that is not held back by the regulatory nightmare that the MFDA/IIROC world has created for licensed advisors. At NOW, advisors are free to focus on the things that matter most to them -- providing top quality service to clients, robust financial planning advice, and doing things to keep clients happy year-round.