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tomorrow is here today, now.

succession planning

There's simply no better platform to transition, grow, and exit the industry than @ NOW.

guaranteed valuation

We contractually guarantee a 4X multiple on recurring referral asset revenue. No guessing. We also guarantee purchase agreements that are approved by NOW - we will honour the buy-out terms and conditions set forth in a succession plan.

flexible payment terms

Payments can be made personally or to a corporation, in any timeline or term agreed upon by both the buyer and seller. Whether it's over 5, 7 or 10 years - paid personally or into a holdco, NOW will facilitate any transition that protects ALL parties involved and ensures the ongoing maintenance of strong client relationships.

new talent & mentorship

NOW offers a bright new vision for financial advice in Canada, and as such, is attracting younger advisors to join and learn from our team of more experienced planners and relationship managers. In turn, this gives retiring advisors an opportunity to give back and mentor the next generation.

redefine retirement

Selling your book doesn't mean leaving the business. Stick around for a while! Without the burden of compliance, the future of advice is bright!

Why turn away new business, or the chance to mentor younger advisors?